I’m pretty sure all of you have seen a toed car and perhaps many of you came back to the parking space only to find your car missing. But what will happen in Lithuania?

It’s simple once you add a tank into the equation. But it isn’t that simple when the car parked is a Mercedes-Benz, even if it is an old version.

The man seen driving the military vehicle is the mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. A local version of Richard Hammond. But there is a catch. While the Top Gear presenter gets paid for destroying stuff, especially cars, the mayor made an error.


We don’t exactly know the whole story beyond the tank versus the Mercedes car but we are pretty much sure that a human error was involved. An error who didn’t knew how to drive the military vehicle.

But if this is the Lithuanian version of a parking ticket I wonder what the punishment for driving thru a red light would be? Maybe the driver will wake up in the forest surrounded by guys with machetes as we all know that mafia men have a great sense of humor.



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