Target 2014 for BMW Z Spyder Stradale image

We all are quite aware of the magnificent performance and outlook of BMW Z Spyder Stradale as it was announced as dream project of the company way back in 2005. The dream was diminished by the financial crises and Recession but still it was delayed, nit really ended. The hidden sources have exposed the planning of the company to continue the dream project of BMW Z Spyder Stradale. The financial recovery and also the rapidly increasing buying power of the car lovers have provided huge confidence to the company and have again started the R&D of the car. One of the most reliable source of this German gorgeous, Scott26 just published that the company is planning to develop a high-end-luxury car which will give the car lovers opportunity to drive crazily with heavenly luxuries inside.

The dazzling description of dream car

The BMW Z Spyder Stradale is proposed to have unbelievable feature of mileage conservation and efficiency in the sports car. The exterior of the car will definitely enhance the reputation of BMW to launch explosive and hot exterior cars. The aluminum structure of the car with animalistic front end is good enough to make the car lovers crazy and impassionate. To ask anything about the technology part of the BMW cars is similar to show torch to sun. The technological part is always amazing and so will be in the Spyder Stradale.

The Stop-start technology would be the highlighted feature of the cars with the expert facility of brake energy regeneration. Also the security features are seen by the company by adding extra active aerodynamics. This aerodynamics will make the cars moving in the same direction of airflow. The technical smartness of the engineers can be proved the distinct technology of attaching the rear part of the cars to this aerodynamics to obtain extra stability in the cars. This is an innovative technology as even on the highest speeds, the chances of getting the cars imbalanced are reduced to bottom with the help of this pop-up aerodynamics facility. The company is planning to use the same technique in the following models of Z 5, 6 and 7 series.

When will the dream come true?

The company is expecting to offer the concept version of this car around end of this year and if possible in the Frankfurt Motor Show but to see these “hot assets of BMW” live on streets; you will have to wait till 2014!!