Tata April Global Sales Unimpressive image

Tata Motors worldwide sales, Including Jaguar Land Rover, reached a disappointing 87, 377 units in April 2012.

Tata, Tata Daewoo and the Tata Hispano Carrocera commercial vehicles sold 38,008 units in April, down 8%, all passenger vehicles sold 49,369 units, up 7%, Tata passenger cars and the distribution offtake in India of Fiat cars hit 24,226 units, down 9%. Global sales of JLR hit 25,143 units, up 29%. In April Jaguar sold 3,603 units, up 17% and Land Rover sold 21,540 units, up 32%.

Sales of Tata’s small Nano dropped 20% to 8,028 units, from 10,012 in 2011, the Indica range hit sales of 6,913 units, up 20% from 4,250 units, the Indigo family sold 3,669 units, down 31% from 2011, the Sumo, Safari and Aria models sold 4,048 units, up 5% from April 2011.

The April sales were quite disappointing taking into consideration that in March the company’s sales jumped 26% to 139,655 units from the same period last year. JLR sales were up 51% to 36,471 units, which helped Tata post a 41% increase in SUV and overall passenger car sales globally of 75,864 units.