Tata Motors Nano – one of the most expensive cars out there image

The cheapest car in the world made by the Indians at Tata Motors has just become one of the most expensive ones but it’s not because of the technology in it or even for its powerful engine and aerodynamic shape because it has none.

The Nano is practically the same car only now it got even slower because the automaker decided to decorate it with 80 kilograms of gold and 15 kilograms of silver, semiprecious and precious stones. The only question remaining is “Why?”.

Apparently the car was given “a shine” by Tata Motors, being part of a marketing campaign to attract new customers into the brand and the expensive Nano will hit several Indian showrooms in the next six months, in cities where the automaker owns local dealerships.

Probably wanting to rival with cars like the popular Fiat 500, a small vehicles that comes in every shape and size, Tata Motors has managed to make one of the biggest … I have ever seen, Bollywood style.