India-based Tata Motors announced that sales of its passenger and commercial vehicles rose 41 percent in November compared with the same month last year.

The Indian group, owner of the luxury Jaguar and Land Rover brands and maker of the „world’s cheapest car”, the Nano, sold 76,823 units last month, of which 72,474 units were sold in India and 4,349 units went to export. The figures published by Tata exclude sales information on the luxury Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

To date, Tata Motors has sold 544,492 vehicles in the current fiscal year, up 9 percent from the previous year. Sales of the Tata Nano, which retails in India for 140,000 rupees (€2,500), jumped 1,158 percent in November to 6,401 units, from 509 units the same month in 2010. In the current fiscal year, Nano sales have dropped 3 percent to 39,646 units. Tata launched a revised Nano model two weeks ago to boost sales which have been below expectations. Since its launch in April 2009, the Nano has sold 130,000 units.

Tata Motors’ cumulative sales for the fiscal year are 544,492 vehicles, a growth of 9 percent over the 499,510 vehicles sold last year.


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