Tata Motors shareholders try to push the automaker on the New York Stock Exchange image

India’s Tata Motors, the maker of the failed Nano – supposedly the world’s cheapest car – and the parent of British luxury maker Jaguar Land Rover is facing many challenges internally.

Currently India, one of South-East Asia’s thriving economies has began to break down, which triggered a cascade decrease demand in the auto industry, which massively hit Tata Motors, now relying on the profit brought in by JLR to compensate for internal losses.

Knight Assets & Co., a London-based manager of funds that own Tata shares has said in a statement that it wants the automaker to list its share son the New York Stock Exchange as well in order to buoy shareholder value.

“The solutions we have presented to the company, most notably the NYSE listing of an ADR for the ‘A’ shares, can correct this irrational discrepancy – the material undervalue of share” said Akshay Naheta, managing partner of Knight Assets.

Tata’s ordinary shares and its Class A shares, that have a 10th of the voting rights, are supposedly worth at least 700 rupees, according to Knight Assets. The shares traded today in Mumbai at 445.80 rupees and 293 rupees, respectively. The automaker last month missed analysts estimates when reported the latest profit situation – with internal losses outpacing the gains at the Jaguar Land Rover premium division.

Via Bloomberg