Tata Presents eMO-C Small Electric Delivery Van for North America image

Tata sees the US as a possible market for small, low-cost, electric delivery vans.

Kevin Fisher, president of vehicle programs for Tata Technologies, said that the company has found the solution for the very small low-cost delivery vans in the US. Today, March 15th, Tata presented at the North American Engineering and Innovation Center in Troy, its latest engineering study, a small, electric delivery vehicle dubbed eMO-C.

Several years ago, the automaker designed a four-passenger EV dubbed eMO for “electric mobility,” which would cost around $20,000, and would be an alternative for the $40,000 EVs such as Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf, according to engineer Ken Trumble. Tata said that it is now focusing on the next-generation eMO-C commercial vehicle, a small, low-cost delivery van to be used by FedEx, the Postal Service or even for pizza delivery.

The eMO-C is based on eMO’s original wheelbase, but the passenger and rear seats have been removed to make more space for cargo. According to marketing researchers, small commercial vehicles are very popular in Europe, but in North America the segment sees little interest for now. The eMO-C offers several choices of range (50, 100 and 150) and its price varies between $15,750 and $23,750.