Tata Reports March Sales Down 27.6% image

Tata reported March sales down 27.59% to 72, 712 units sold globally, from 100, 414 units sold in March 2012.

During the financial year Tata’s sales fell 10.66% to 810,086 units, compared with 906,768 units sold in the previous fiscal year. Last month sales of passenger vehicles in the domestic market dropped 66.62% to 12,347 vehicles, compared with 36,984 vehicles sold in March 2012. Commercial vehicle sales also fell 2.15% to 56,813 units in India, from 58,063 vehicles sold in the same period last year.

Tata’s exports fell 33.82% to 3,552 units last month from 5,367 units in March 2012. During the last financial year passenger vehicle sales in the domestic market fell 29.20% to 222,112 units from 313,710 units, commercial vehicle sales dropped 1.35% to 529,980 units from 537,143 units and exports fell 19.42% to 50,831 units from 63,078 units.

On another matter, Jaguar land Rover announced last week that it might supply Tata with engines to help the automaker deal with the lack of cutting-edge technology. It’s been a while since Tata has been struggling with sluggish sales in its home market, due to perceptions of archaic products, which are uncompetitive and unreliable.

“We are open for synergies but if we look at the segments we operate in, there is not much scope for outright joint product development,” said Ralf Speth, CEO, JLR. “But in terms of technology, engines… we can have commonalities. We can deliver engines to them for sure, including the smaller ones that we are developing.”