Tata rumored to partner with Chery to make Jaguar, Land Rover cars image

Tata Motors, owner of Jaguar and Land Rover, has put the issue of local production through a joint venture on its agenda. The Chinese protagonist referred to in this news is the self-owned brand carmaker Chery Auto, media reported.

Christopher Brown, executive vice president of Jaguar and Land Rover (China) said in an interview with “Daily Economic News” that Jaguar Land Rover Sales Corporation in China is the platform for its future business development in China. The corporation will expand Jaguar and Land Rover’s business in China to logistics, after-sales service and the whole sales network management.

Christopher’s statement that Jaguar Land Rover Sales Corporation will be responsible for its future investment in China further confirmed the rumor that Tata will set up a plant in China for local production.

A foreign media reported that Tata Motors officially announced that it is negotiating with Chinese car companies about jointly producing Jaguar and Land Rover. The report said Tata Motors Company will first produce Land Rover model in the form of assembly and then the two brands may finally merge for joint production.

Daily Economic News also learned that Chery Automobile Co., Ltd is the potential cooperation partner for Tata and the two sides had started a secret discussion.

An industry expert said a JV between Chery Auto and Tata is a win-win choice for Chery has the need to develop high-end models while Tata’s cooperation with an independent brand will reduce its production cost.

A spokesman for Chery, however, said he can’t make any public comments on this news for the time being.

Source: Gasgoo