Tata to upgrade old Nanos with new starter motor image

Tata Motors, the Indian automaker has announced that is upgrading old Tata Nanos, produced up to mid-September 2011, with a new starter motor to enhance their performance.

The installation of the new starter motor, which is a vendor supplied part, began in October this year. Owners of all old Nanos were informed about the exercise, and about 50,000 cars have already been done.

There are about 65,000 owners who are yet to visit their dealerships and the company is in continuous contact with them.

Though there is no formal safety hazard associated with the old starter motor, the move concerns about robustness of the Nano and its safety.

According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers data, Tata Motors has sold a total of 1,40,428 Nano units till Nov 2011, since the car’s launch in 2009.

Even as the Tata Motors spokesperson declined to cite a figure, it is believed the replacement exercise of changing starter motors in 1.39 lakh Nanos will cost the company about Rs 110 crore.

The Nano costs about $2,400 in India the last time we checked. There were plans to bring it to Europe and maybe even the U.S., but we haven’t heard a lot about those plans lately.

  • Sagar

    A pro-active effort by Tata motors to enhance the performance of existing Tata Nano and also increase the user comfort and experience. A free upgrade of starter motor for all existing users of Tata Nano . It is a commendable drive by Tata Motors !!!!

  • Avantika Agrawal

    A nice move by the company. Prospective customers will be encouraged by such initiative which is rare if not totally unheard of in these shores. Kudos, Tata Motors!

  • XYZ

    There are lots of problem occurring after nano upgradation. new parts does not have compatibility with ACU.