Tata to use water as fuel image

Tata motors, the company that still builds the cheapest car in the world, will develop technologies that will use water as fuel.

To make cars running on water Ratan Tata invested $15 million for initiating researches, said a scientist involved in the venture.

An unnamed professor at MIT, Massachusetts, Boston has reportedly stated that he can split water directly into its components, hydrogen and oxygen. If this is true then water will have no problem in running our cars in the near future.

‘In our lab, we are attempting to create hydrogen by warming up water with graphite, a polymorph of the element carbon. We are working on finding a method to store the natural gas in solid state and converting it into 100 percent energy for various applications,’ Rao said.

“As it is Tata’s dream to run his cars on water ultimately, he is funding the project so that he will have control on the innovative technology. He will also be associated with the start-up to develop the prototype, which will have a catalyst to warm up the water and create hydrogen as a fuel.”

As intriguing as all of this sounds, it bears mentioning that water-powered cars have repeatedly failed in their missions (see here) of offering nearly free fuel for all.

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    Most Nigerians are familiar with a Bank advert that is famous for ''one day, cars will run on water''. I think we'll be delighted to see that dream come true.