Tata unveils Tuff Truck concept in Australia image

New to the market, Tata Motors wants to show off its potential with the newly upgraded Xenon pick-up truck, transformed for the National 4×4 & Outdoors Show in Australia.

Jointly developed with Australian distributor Fusion Automotive, the Tuff Truck was designed by Julian Quincey who also happens to be the chief designer at Holden Special Vehicles (HSV).

The Tuff Truck adds a big bag of off-road essentials, including roof-mounted driving lights, winch, snorkel and (slightly less essential) 20-inch wheels with (rather essential) mud-terrain tyres. Fusion has revealed the concept this week to coincide with the news of its regular Xenon utility truck, which will hit the local market in October.

Of course, there is little chance that Tata will put the Tuff Truck into production – at least not immediately – still, some of the accessories adorning it may become available with the regular Xenon range, when it launches.

Tata will initially offer the regular Xenon as its only model in Australia, powered by a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel engine producing 150 bhp and 320Nm, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. No auto option will be offered at this stage. The Indian carmaker hasn’t ruled out introducing passenger cars to the range next year, but the famous Tata Nano is unlikely to join the local line-up.