Taxis Will Be E-Hailed in New York image

Soon all you’ll need to nab a taxi in New York will be your smartphone and a new app.

This week the New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission approved a pilot program to allow customers ‘e-hail’ cabs in New York beginning with February 15th on a test basis. The system will be tested by customers for one year, and the reports regarding the program’s success will lead to a decision on whether the period will be extended or not.

“We should not ignore technology that’s out there. This is not speculative, this is real,” Commissioner David Yassky said.

At least 12 companies in the US and abroad are ready to offer the service. But a group of taxi drivers, who attended the commission hearing, expressed stated the question of whether they will stop for customers who will hail a cab the traditional way. But they also believe that project is very useful especially for areas where it is very hard to get a cab.

“If I accept an e-hail, I won’t stop for a person on the street,” acknowledged driver Mohammad Butt, 35, a Staten Island resident. “But if I have a passenger in the car now, I don’t stop, either.”