The production version of the C-X17 Concept, the so-called F-Pace, is currently being teased out by the British based automaker Jaguar.

If you dig the impressive C-X17 Concept, than you will probably giggle when you will find out that the company has plans of putting it into production. The final variant of the car will be called F-Pace and it is currently teased out, in the video posted below. The model in question is basically an SUV and it will be the first one to be produced by the company. The vehicle is expected to share the same lightweight platform with the XE compact sedan, the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 fighter, which basically means that this will be rivaling the BMW X3, the Mercedes-Benz GLK and the Audi Q5.

“The Jaguar F-PACE, inspired by the F-TYPE, represents a perfectly judged balance of performance, style and practicality. It offers a unique combination of Jaguar sports car inspired exterior design, fused beautifully with a thoroughly practical and spacious luxury interior. The F-PACE is our family sports car”, said Ian Callum, the Jaguar director of design.

This is basically all we have got on the production model of the C-X17 at this time, but the vehicle has been scheduled to go on sale starting from next year. This will be offered with five seats and not with four seats, as the model previewing it back in November, 2013, at the Guangzhou Auto Show. More details on the crossover are limited at this time and will be announced close to its debut.


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