The latest member of the X family from BMW is getting ready for prime-time, with the company even offering us an official preview of the model while still undergoing development, and thus wearing full body camouflage.

The X range is growing fast – the X2 is coming this year and we’ll soon have an X7 as well – with Europeans most likely interested more in the former than the latter. Which is why BMW is turning this one first – kicking off the teaser campaign for the model that has already been previewed last year with the namesake prototype. The X2 is going to feature in the odd coupe-SUV department, but people won’t mistake it for a smaller X4 – as far as we can tell people might actually have trouble differentiating it from the regular X1.

Teaser - 2018 BMW X2 fights off the urban jungle 5

The X2 is also another BMW lacking the traditional rear-wheel drive arrangement – it’s actually the fourth to be produced on the front-wheel-drive UKL platform following the previous arrival of the 2 Series Active Tourer & Gran Tourer minivans, as well as the new generation X1 crossover. Naturally, we already know the powertrain mix – a series of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder engines mated to an optional xDrive setup. An M Performance version should be in tow as well, but don’t hold your breath for the fully fledged M model.


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