TechArt’s New Tuning Program: Releases 1:43 Scale Models image

Those who dream of having Porsche 911 can enjoy the tuned trio models now. The 1:43 scale collectors’ models are based on three distinct variant – GT Street, GT Street R and GT Street RS.

With some amazing modifications, the German Tuner, TechArt has planned the overall releases of vehicles that are definitely profitable for the 911 enthusiasts. For that, each limited edition will hold just 300 models which will then be available in a clear acrylic display case. Besides, every car will receive a base plate which will specify its own serial number. What is more fascinating is that it will be packaged well and will come in a black gift box.

The initial model which is released by the German Tuner was the GT Street, based on Porsche 911 Turbo. Following this, the other two models – GT Street R and GT Street RS will be released.

The GT Street can be bought online at under $90 and comes in a dazzling ‘California’ orange as well as black paint.

Those who are looking for a real road-going model can have a glimpse at the GT Street program of TechArt. Porsche 911 Turbo or Porsche S model is been upgraded to receive 612 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. As far as the performance modifications are concerned, the car has got new ECU, manifold, a sport air filter, and exhaust system. A full body kit will be applied on the exterior to get the beautiful, restyled look.