It appears the fashionable camouflage pattern is a tailor-made coating that also befits aftermarket specialists, not just the plethora a of global automakers.

The latest example comes from Techart, which has presented the 911 Turbo S modified GTstreet R wearing the mind-dizzying patterns. The tuner has a controversial track record – just look at the Cayenne and first generation Panamera. But the 911 iterations are usually stunning – and this one easily falls into the latter category – that much we can see even with the heavy camo pattern. The new GTstreet R looks ready to take on the 991 GT3 RS, but the tuner also added a crazy spoiler, wider fenders and a big fixed wing. At the front for example, the intake between the trunk lid and front bumper is seemingly the same as on the GT3 RS, but with enhanced dimensions. The splitter also looks to have been enlarged. The influence is also easy to spot in the front fenders, where extractor vents are top and down alongside the trailing edge.

Techart GTstreet R – the Porsche 911 Turbo S in tuning clothes – introduced sporting camo 0

The front and rear fenders look far wider than on the standard Turbo S, meaning the suspension has also been tweaked to cope with the wider track. Moving out back, we can see a completely new bumper, with larger vents and a quartet of tail pipes in the middle instead of the far corners of the car. The crazy-looking fixed wing looks to be the icing on the cake – with bi-level design for an insane configuration. We can also expect Techart to have massaged the engine in the GTstreet R – they already have an official kit for the 3.8-litre, twin-turbo flat-six packing 620 horsepower – but we can expect even more from them.


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