Before the 911 R appeared the Porsche 911 GT3 RS was the almost perfect mechanical establishment – and you know what they say about that, tuners always thing there’s room for more.

So, here comes Techart to bestow lots of carbon fiber goodies on the GT3 RS. The aftermarket specialist is not one of those tuners that look for opulence around every corner (Mansory, we’re looking at you), instead its changes will mean the world for the true connoisseur. So, the extremely lightweight and durable material is being used for the front splitter, the front wing air extractors, or the ornaments for the side-mounted air intakes – which could fool any untrained eye into thinking this is a Turbo case. These bits and pieces do help it become even lighter – aiming to make a breakthrough run away from the 911 R, the most lightweight standard Porsche.

Techart Porsche 911 GT3 RS is all about believing in carbon fiber power 3

The visual enhancement part is also very important for owners of the GT3 RS breed – as we hear that numerous clients at least resort to the Porsche Exclusive division for custom paints and whatnot. You do get people that look to individualize just a little bit their GT3 RS – for example opting for a Paint to Sample nuance like the Rubystone Red – while others simply go mad and just kill all the fun.


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