Technology makes life easier for every motorist image

Automakers are currently engaged in a technology war, which unlike the real one doesn’t make human victims, rather improves the life they have behind the wheel.

While a big portion of car aficionados say that new technology takes most of the “fun” out of handling the car all by yourself, the truth is that the vast majority of people accept and embrace the advances.

And, if we take a look at specific categories – like aged or people with disabilities, the current crop of advanced technologies actually makes life safer behind the wheel. And, soon, automakers will make the next big leap in automotive technology – to the autonomous self-driving cars.

“Forty percent of the population will be over 55 soon,” said Marilyn Vala, a Chrysler engineer. “Those people are going to have a lot of money and they’re going to need cars to remain independent and mobile. People 65 and over are predicted to be four times more likely to buy a new vehicle than those under 25.”

“Everyone wants a vehicle that’s more intuitive and easier to use,” said Richard Vaughan, director of corporate innovation and design at Visteon. “The technologies we’re working on will benefit everybody. In addition to the aging, there are 47 million people in the Untied States with some degree of disability.”

Every single new technology – although some times (especially in its early stages) seems to hinder more than help – was envisioned and developed to make life a bit easier – just think about BMW and its iDrive system – universally panned in the beginning is now copied and emulated in some form on almost every car from the compact segment upwards.