Technology makes our cars the hotspot we always wanted image

If we take a look back 15 or even a decade ago, before the advent of the smartphone, we would also consider the cars to come directly from the stone age – but that’s just the fact that a new technology revolution is coming our way.

After first sampling for a few years what the smartphone/tablet can do to change our lives, allowing us to always stay connected in almost every possible way – the barriers between the No.1 trump card of those mobile devices is also coming to the automotive industry.

Automakers, major smartphone and app players in the tech industry, as well as mobile carriers have recently upped their efforts to allow us to tap into the entertainment possibilities given by applications and high speed 4G LTE internet connection from the comfort of our car.

“This year is a tipping point,” said Thilo Koslowski, a Gartner Inc. analyst who follows in-car technology. “There has been a lot of talk about apps in cars, but from 2014 forward, the revolution really happens.”

With concerns for safety – all hardware and software makers rush to remove barriers and deeply integrate the new possibilities into the new cars we buy today, allowing us to seamlessly use the new features as they search for the next holy grail of revenue.

Via The Wall Street Journal