Just a few weeks ago, reports were flying high about Apple’s secret foray into the automotive industry. And while that might remain in project status forever, their rumored implication and Google’s drive for autonomous vehicles might be enough.

That is for an incredible automotive revolution. Never before have automakers and their suppliers been more implicated at every level into the technology field – with manufacturers speeding up their efforts into every field – from mundane navigation systems to the approaching goal of having completely driverless vehicles on the roads in the next ten to 15 years. Industry experts believe the stepping-stones for an industry wide reshape have been set, thanks to Google and maybe Apple’s efforts, as well as government mandates for increased fuel economy and lower emissions that spark numerous technological innovations. Most analysts and industry observers believe automakers and their suppliers will only step on the gas pedal from now on when it comes to self-driving technology and green cars, from plug-in hybrids to battery and fuel cell electrics.

During this week’s New York Auto Show no one would be able to see the presence of Apple, Google or even Tesla – but their influence could be easily felt, being among the primary subjects of debate among industry participants. Some bullish analysts, such as Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas even believe Apple is fully capable of delivering an electric autonomous car by 2020 – triggering widespread adoption. He even contends entire cities might axe human driving on their streets by 2030.



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