Ten items that should be on a gearhead’s bucket list image

While there’s no definitive resolution to what a gearhead truly means, the accepted one is that involves a human that is passionate about cars, motorcycles and other motorized means of transportation.

While the automotive industry and its many intertwined businesses and features is relatively new – just a little over a century – the speed that gearheads appear is nothing short of the most dangerous world pandemics, with the simple – and positive – result that it drives a truly benign passion. So, while there’s a possibility that someone is not a gearhead, that person probably knows or suspects one other or more to be. And there’s nothing wrong about that – if it’s got an engine, wheels or even wings, then they’re interested. And they also tend to share their passion with others – either gearheads or people that will get the “bug”. So, why shouldn’t we devise a bucket list (albeit a little general) for them to follow?

First off in the order of appearance – try at least one road that has hit any of the numerous lists of great drives. Chances are you live near one or have one-or more in close vicinity. And the rewards will be unparalleled. Next up, use your money to hit a collector car auction – you don’t need to be on the bidder side – but you’ll find this a great place to test your knowledge and market understanding – make predictions and see if they come true. Take a kid to a car museum – another great way to test your experience and also turn someone into a fellow gearhead – there’s no passion level greater than one achieved by a young mind. Next up on the list – hit a car show – an international one if you have the opportunity. Take a drive off the beaten path and engage in off-roading – there’s no greater reward than maybe getting into one place that few other people went. Next up, take a tour of an automotive factory – it will shed some light on the intricate level of craftsmanship, performance and skill a car company needs to achieve to develop and build the objects of our desire. And then of course comes the mirage of land speed records – try to at least participate once in your lifetime in one of the many events that celebrate one thing, and one alone – the Speed Lord. Directly linked to the last one comes the “track day” – see how your driving skills might be honed in a perfectly safe environment, where you can test and maybe reach your limits. If you only drive cars, also learn to ride a motorbike – or if you do both learn how to fly – it’s going to expand your gearhead horizon exponentially. And last, but not least, tinker with your own ride – this one we think its self explanatory.