Terrafugia TF-X the First Flying Vehicle image

The idea of owning a flying car seems closer to reality with Terrafugia‘s TF-X concept, which can fly on its own and is legal on the streets.

The best part about the TF-X is that you do not need a pilot’s license to operate it. The vehicle takes off vertically and has a 500-mile flying range. Once in the air the two propellers fold back and propulsion is given by an engine located behind the cockpit. The only thing the driver has to do is to insert the destination coordinates, as everything else is done automatically, form taking-off, to flying and touching down.

According to Terrafugia, the TF-X is a plug-in hybrid, with the electric motors handling the road driving and the takeoff and landing. The automaker expects the vehicle to hit the road and air in the next 8 to 12 years. The TF-X is fitted with a GPS and sensors system, it is able to calculate the total distance until the destination and also determine if there is suitable fuel range. During the trip the vehicle calculates the weather conditions, the best landing location and the restricted airspace.

The company says that it takes only five hours to learn how to drive and fly the TF-X. The automaker has plans for another model, the Transition, which will cost around $300,000 and you’ll need a pilot’s license for this one. The TF-X is expected to cost around $150,000.

Source: Daily News