Terrific Dirtbike Base Jumping By Julio Munoz image

There are many insane people who love adventures and beat the death. In this context, base jumping is one of the most dangerous activities which only few of the dedicated freaks can do.

But what if a person is taking a step forward for the base jumping from a motorcycle or from a motocross bike? The first word would be insane of course. Basically, the base jumping is widely called as ‘base’ which is an acronym and represents antennae, buildings, spans or bridges, and earth. Jumping off of anything that stand taller above the ground is known as base or base jumping.

Julio Munoz, a base jumper has decided to stage such stunt on which the results were unsurprisingly dramatic but insane. No doubt to say that this stunt is also very expensive.

Very safely, Munoz floated down to the earth after a freefall of few thousand feet and the dirtbike did not charge so well. After getting airlifted through a helicopter to the summit of the Chilean mountain, Munoz made a jump just like a low-toss into thin air, and then he descended the machine so that it can freely fall down to the earth. Check out this terrifying video.

Written by Sunita Mandal