Tesla and Consumer Reports have falling out because of latest Model S image

Well known US magazine Consumer Reports recently reported its brand new $127,000 Tesla Model S P85D electric luxury sedan had a problem with its retractable door handles that rendered it “undriveable.”

Consumer reported in a blog post that its reviewers were on their way to test their brand new acquisition, the latest and greatest model that Tesla has to offer, but the 27-day old car decided not to let them in – the futuristic, concept-like door handles that sit flush with the body and only emerge once the driver approaches with the key were inoperable. The magazine said the testers made it into the car through the passenger side door but the car didn’t shift into drive. Consumer Reports has stood out of the numerous Tesla reviews because of its incredible cult-like following, reputation for independent testing (they buy the cars) and the high praise for the Tesla Model S they had before.

Tesla meanwhile said there’s no connection between the door handle system and the car’s powertrain, though the Consumer Magazine said they were not backing away from their first term – “undriveable”, as they believed the car was inoperabel because of the faulty handles – akin to the stance that most modern autos don’t let drivers shift out of park if the door is open. Tesla on its own quickly delivered a statement saying that car service is always their priority and many problems have been usually fixed through over-the-air software updates that didn’t require a visit to the local dealer. Consumer Reports, which last year said the Tesla Model S was one of the best cars they ever reviewed, added that numerous owners have repeatedly complained about the doors and latches of the car.