Tesla announces it has aired update to fix security breach exposed by cybersecurity experts image

Tesla Motors announced recently it has initiated a software patch update directed purposely at the security issues in the Tesla Model S luxury electric sedan that were exposed by hackers that took control of a vehicle.

The Financial Times reported on Thursday that cybersecurity “white hat” hackers announced they were able to seize control of a Model S and turn it off at very low speeds, actually exposing six major security issues they were able to find and that allowed them to breach the vehicle and seize control. Tesla confirmed parts of the report and announced it has already moved to offer a software patch to Model S owners. Kevin Mahaffey, chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm Lookout, and Marc Rogers, principal security researcher at Cloudflare were responsible for the “test” and said they selected Tesla because the company is known to have a great understanding of software.

“Our security team works closely with the security research community to ensure that we continue to protect our systems against vulnerabilities by constantly stress-testing, validating, and updating our safeguards,” commented the automaker. Tesla added the “vulnerabilities” have been erased through an over the air update to Model S cars, adding the hackers were not able to completely turn off the vehicle remotely, but they were actually inside the Model S. The hack follows a similar attempt on a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicle last month that forced the company to issue a safety campaign for 1.4 million vehicles in the United States – the first ever recall triggered by a cybersecurity flaw.

Via Reuters