Tesla bought the long-craved tesla.com domain image

The electric car maker finally owns the domain which it was craving for a long time, a name privately registered 23 years ago.

Tesla emerged into the auto industry nearly 13 years ago, bearing the name of the well-known electrical engineer and inventor of the 19th century. Therefore, the simplest and straightforward online platform for the automaker would have been tesla.com, but the name has been privately registered since 1992, a time when the internet was a thing of a distant future. But it seems that Tesla has eventually managed to buy it from Stu Grossman, a computer network engineer in California, who used the domain as a private email server. According to a Whois record at DomainTools, the domain was transferred to Tesla Motors on Tuesday last week, a well thought move regarding the fact the automaker is expanding its business into energy storage systems, and there is no name more suitable than tesla.com.

The domain has previously been challenged, when in 2015 Tesla Industries, a maker of power conversions systems, accused Grossman of holding the name only to profit from it, but the claims were rejected. It is not known how much Tesla has paid to get its long-craved domain, but it is likely to be a consistent amount, as there are many such cases in which some big global companies had to buy their desired domains from private owners for a hefty price.

Via International Business Times