Tesla Buys Former Toyota and GM Test Track image

Tesla has recently bought an old test track formerly used by Toyota and GM.

The 35-acre piece of land is located next to Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. The automaker’s spokesperson, Shanna Hendriks, told reporters that the automaker wants to use the facility to expand its current operations, but refused to offer detailed information about this move. The space includes an old test track, formerly used by Toyota and GM, which Tesla plans to improve so that its engineers will be able to better test products.

With two successful vehicles already on the market, Tesla plans to add a crossover, which would be based on the same platform as the Model S, and later a smaller and cheaper sedan. Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously said that the automaker does not exclude the idea of manufacturing an electric pickup truck.

This new purchase might be a hint that the automaker enjoyed a successful second quarter, which is to be made public on August 7th. At the beginning of this year, Tesla took analysts by surprise when it reported the first profit in the automaker’s history, thanks to the first quarter earnings. Since then the automaker started to expand its proprietary charging network and implemented a battery swap program.

Source: autoguide.com