Tesla can make your life completely ecological image

The California-based automaker is involved in all things ecological – including the idea that you can also have an electrical production facility in your home to power the daily activities and your Tesla Model – S, X or 3.

Tesla recently showcased its new generation solar panels that looks exactly as if they were conventional roof tiles and are even claimed to cost less. The new solar panel roof tiles and Powerwall 2 – the storage facility – were introduced recently during an event at Universal Studios. CEO Elon Musk of course talked about the panels, which were fitted on a house on the Desperate Housewives set. While the tiles look like a conventional roofing tile, they actually have embedded photovoltaic cells and the surface is made from textured, colored glass. The event and introduction also comes to explain why Tesla wants to take over SolarCity – another Musk venture – as the company produces photovoltaic cells. And Tesla and Panasonic want to partner in manufacturing the cells at SolarCity’s in-build New York State Gigafactory.


No pricing details were given for the solar tiles, but the Powerwall 2 was confirmed to cost $5,500. The pack has two 14 kilowatt hour lithium-ion batteries, which is more than double the capacity of the original Powerwall. Tesla says it will provide enough electricity to power a four bedroom home with lights, refrigerator, and other appliances for an entire day.