Tesla claims rumors of delays at Nevada battery factory are unfounded image

Recently media reports claimed the US electric automaker’s giant battery assembly facility in Nevada hit unexpected snags that delayed construction, but the California-based company announced the schedule was the same as before.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reported early Friday that Tesla Motor Inc’s construction of its LI-Ion battery Gigafactory was delayed, citing as evidence two union job postings for the site. “The project is progressing and the gigafactory is on schedule, ” commented for Reuters a Tesla spokesperson. The person added that the electric carmaker was also the factory’s project manager and its work included contracts with numerous companies and unions. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the delay report was sourced from a national job board for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers that updated the listing for the “Project Tiger” – the plant’s initial codename – to indicate a change in the need of electricians. “The Tiger project has been cut back by 80 percent at this time,” was quoted the IBEW post. Another local branch of the union in Reno, Nevada added the major project in the area has been delayed at this time.”

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk just last month said their prospects for starting to produce battery packs at the assembly facility outside Reno have remained so far “on plan” for the forecasted 2016 date. According to other sources that were contacted in regards with the story said the situation was a short-term delay. Additionally, regulatory fillings cited by Barclays analyst Brian Johnson in a research note cite the company to have focused spending on the development and production of its Model S sedan and upcoming Model X crossover, rather on the Reno construction site.

Via Reuters