Tesla could plan a Ford F-150 competitor… but not in the near future image

With its Model S a hot property, the Model X crossover slated to reach production late next year and a smaller and less expensive alternative to the Model S still a possibility, Tesla is on a path to electrify the most active segments in the business, which is why we could also see a pick-up model.

Now there’s a possibility Tesla might even attempt to create a full-size pickup to compete with the industry’s top selling model, the Ford F-150. As reported by CNN Money, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some impromptu comments to that effect following a speech given at Business Insider’s Ignition conference.

“If you’re trying to replace the most gasoline miles driven, you have to look at what people are buying,” Musk said. “That’s the best selling car in America. If people are voting that’s their car, then that’s the car we have to deliver.” Musk admitted that if a Tesla F-150 fighter were possible, it wouldn’t likely see production for at least five years.

And though Tesla would be hard pressed to make significant inroads in what is the most brand-loyal segment in the auto industry (just ask Nissan and Toyota how easy a task that is), the idea of a large electric pickup certainly is intriguing.

In terms of engineering, GM and Chrysler have already produced gas/electric hybrid-powered trucks, and though neither was successful in terms of sales they both proved to be practical and viable. Electric motors have long been used to power trains and buses, so there’s little argument that they couldn’t eventually find their way under the hood of a vehicle that’s engineered to haul “just” 10,000 pounds or so. What’s more, a full-size pickup is already large enough to accommodate the biggest battery packs with room to spare, especially if integrated into their large cargo load floors.

Via Forbes