Tesla could soon rethink its position as a battery maker image

Tesla Motors is a California based automaker, actually the youngest publicly traded carmaker in the United States. But its recent announcement that it would get involved in the business of making batteries for homes, businesses and offices might bring a strategy reshuffle.

Its primary focus today is on building cars – it has one electric sedan model on production and is ready to also introduce the Model X crossover, while after 2017 it should have a three model range thanks to a new, more affordable sedan. Yet the company might soon find itself in the odd position of actually making the most money out of the stationary battery storage production business. That’s because the new products for homes, offices and commercial sites introduced last month already have outstanding orders for more than a year. Both the car and stationary battery businesses hinge on the Nevada Gigafactory being built as we speak – the $5 billion facility is going to provide the batteries for both divisions as of next year.

Chief executive officer Elon Musk, also the company’s co-founder said the demand for its stationary products – the Powerwall and Powerpack – is so overwhelming they are already considering an expansion of the massive battery production facility – which is going to be the biggest in the world. He commented that while initially the storage business would have been allocated around 30 percent of the battery production capacity, thanks to the overwhelming demand they could actually devote the entire production. That could be the key to getting where they want in the automotive business – make the electrified cars they want and have money to spare thanks to huge demand for the battery storage products.

Via Automotive News