The decision to end production for an entry-level version is not uncommon among automakers, but in Tesla’s case is very surprising since that version was actually just recently introduced.

The Palo Alto-based EV automaker started offering about three months ago the most affordable version of its full-blown SUV, the Model X 60D at a base price of $75,200. But from now on the buyers will have to shell out $11,500 more because now the base Model X is the 75D version starting at $86,700. The axed Model X 60D had the same 75-kWh battery pack as the 75D, but the software simply allowed a reduced capacity charge of 60 kWh for an EPA-rated 200-mile range. Tesla already had an optional over the air update the removed the limitation, costing $9,500 – so current owners of the 60D can enjoy the 75D range of 238 miles.

Tesla will also deliver the 75D from now on with a standard Smart Air Suspension – it was an optional equipment for $2,500 and apparently the Model X 60D’s demise was spilled by “the needs and desires of customers looking for a longer-range all-electric SUV.” The Model S 60D is still on offer on the other hand, with the same 75-kWh battery pack limited at 60 kWh for an EPA-rated range of 218 miles.



  1. It’s not surprising.

    The 60D is in fact a software-limited 75kWh battery. It costs the same to produce as a 75D, and is sold at a “discount” – hoping to get the owner to unlock the full range later on. This affects the profitability on this model as not everyone will eventually upgrade.

    Tesla desperately needs cash to finance its growth and the Model 3, and they prefer to get the full cash up-front than a uncertain deferred revenue.

    This 60D model X allowed some people to get one with a lower entry price point, it’s quite laudable.

    Tesla cannot afford it at this point, not to a large extent. The demand was likely more successful than anticipated – which makes it too expensive for Tesla to finance. It’s an excellent indication of demand for future lower priced electric cars.


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