Tesla decides to prove the Bioweapon Defense Mode is the real deal image

The California-based electric luxury automaker has decided to trial the Bioweapon Defense Mode and they fortunately didn’t need a “Walking Dead” extinction-level event.

Setting out to prove the Bioweapon Defense Mode is not marketing hype, Tesla Motors has decided to demonstrate it during an in-house test. One example of the Model X crossover was introduced inside a bubble that was treated to 83 times the level of pollution labeled by the EPA as being “good” for our health. The Model X’s HEPA filtration system was used to have the air inside the cabin free of the outside’s bacteria, pollen, and pollution. Additionally the air inside was also cleaned to make sure there are no residual traces of harmful substances. Tesla said the HEPA filtration system needed just two minutes to lower the inside pollution levels to being undetectable to the equipment used for measuring duties.

And the automaker also pointed out the process of filtration and clean up also resulted in the Bioweapon Defense Mode reducing the level of pollution outside the car by 40 percent in minutes. According to Tesla – and we want to take their word for it and never experience it – the system is so good that “you can literally survive a military grade bio attack by sitting in your car.” By the way, the Bioweapon Defense Mode, introduced alongside the Model X electric SUV, can also be had in the freshly updated Model S sedan.

Tesla decides to prove the Bioweapon Defense Mode is the real deal 0