Tesla has recently announced the delivery of the first Model S outside the North American continent, in Europe, where the keys were handed over to a Norwegian man.

The Tesla Model S has taken a new step into becoming even more successful globally, with the first unit being delivered on the Old Continent. The model in question has been bought by Frederic Hauge, a Norwegian man, who also purchased the first electric vehicle imported into his country back in 1989.

“As Europe’s first owner of the Tesla Model S, I am very proud to be a pioneer with absolutely no risk. The last ten days before I got my car today I have driven 2700 km in Model S, from Oslo in the south to Nordkapp in the Arctic. Nordkapp is the northernmost point where it is possible to reach by car. I used 474 kWh and there are a lot of mountains and bad roads. costs of power is almost zero”, said Hauge.

The Tesla Model S is coming as an electric four-door sports sedan, with a rear-motor and rear-wheel drive. The vehicle is coming in three versions, with 85 kWh (420 HP / 310 kW), the 85 kWh (360 HP / 270 kW) and the 60 kWh (302 HP / 225 kW). TEsla says that all versions are getting a single-speed fixed gear transmission. The Tesla Model S is currently assembled in Freemont, California.


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