Tesla denied possibility to sell its cars directly in Connecticut image

Tesla failed for the moment in its attempt to convince dealers throughout Connecticut to allow the electric carmaker to sell cars directly to customers.

Elon Musk keeps fighting with auto dealer groups for its goal of selling its electric models directly to customers in all states, as there are still some of them that do now allow a carmaker to own and operate a dealership. Connecticut is one of those states, alongside Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Utah and West Virginia. Tesla is also wrestling with a series of powerful lobbyists who are opposing to its “unusual” selling procedure, such as General Motors.

Tesla have been facing some hard rejections so far, as the attempt to bring its business to Connecticut failed this week, after weeks of negotiators between the company, the state’s new-car dealers and General Motors. “Without an agreement I couldn’t bring it to a vote in the Senate,” Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff told CT Post, who vowed the revisit the issue next year. “New car dealers and GM are powerful lobbyists.”

But Tesla is not giving up so easily and it promised to bring major investment into the state if the bill goes through, by building a regional distribution center in Connecticut and creating 150 new jobs, in addition to the 25 staff that would be employed in each of Tesla’s stores. Furthermore, the employees will be heavily rewarded, with salaries ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 dollars per year, plus benefits.

Via CT Post