After the US regulators warned Tesla over its non-disclosure repair clauses, the automaker reviewed the pact, with Elon Musk calling the suspension claims as fraudulent.

The most recent “scandal” around Tesla started last week when the automotive site Daily Kanban published a story focused on complaints over Model S suspension, claiming that the electric carmaker has tried to cover-up the problems by forcing owners to sign a “Goodwill Agreement.” Following the report, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration swiftly reacted and warned Tesla over its practice of using non-disclosure repair pacts, forcing the company to revise the abusive clauses. “Tesla has clarified the language … in a satisfactory way, resolving the issue,” NHTSA said, a change also confirmed by a spokeswoman for the California-based green car maker. Even if the US regulators have not yet started a formal investigation, they revealed they were studying the claims of the suspensions failures.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk immediately jumped to dismiss all the accusation, tweeting that 37 of 40 suspension complaints to NHTSA were fraudulent because false location or vehicle identification numbers were used, indicating that “one or more people sought to create the false impression of a safety issue where none existed.“ Furthermore, Mush said that Tesla has been fully coopered with NHTSA and “confirmed today that they found no safety concern with the Model S suspension and have no further need for data from us on this matter.”

Via Automotive News


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