Tesla determined to expand to South Korea image

In its global plan of expansion, the electric car maker has already said that South Korea was on its map, but now it seems that such a move is coming soon.

CEO Elon Musk said way back last year that Tesla was aiming to expand to South Korea, a commitment reiterated in April, after the unveiling of Model 3, but without providing a time frame for the step at that time. But it appears such a move is pretty close to be made, as Bloomberg reported the company listed on its website four new positions for sales and engineering in South Korea and one recruiter for the country, who will be based in Japan.

Furthermore, Tesla confirmed to the news agency it has registered its corporation and planned to set up an office in Seoul. Even if the South Korean buyers are currently not very drawn to electric cars, the country is the world’s 11th biggest car market with great potential. But the “green” trend might pick up some pace there, as the local leaders Hyundai and Kia plan to overwhelm the market by launching together no less than 26 hybrid and electric vehicles by 2020.

And Tesla is already linked to South Korea, as the domestic auto supplier Mando currently provides steering racks for Model S. Moreover, some reports suggested that Tesla was also in talks with Mando to offer parts for the upcoming Model 3 as well. The electric carmaker is expected to launch there the Model S and X in 2017 and the affordable 35,000-dollar model in 2018.

Via Bloomberg