Tesla ending free unlimited Supercharger use from 2017 image

Starting January 1st, 2017, new Tesla owners will not get be getting the same perks as previous owners – because the company’s highly coveted Supercharger fast charging network will abolish unlimited use.

The US automaker has decided to end the free unlimited use program for its supercharging network for new users registering after 1 January 2017 – the owners will instead be granted a supply of free supercharging credits per year worth about 1000 miles (existing owners will have the same supply as always). Tesla will start charging owners a “small fee” for the use – with the automaker claiming it’s still less than what they would have to pay when filling a regular car with gasoline.

The price will not be always the same – because it will depend on the cost of energy at that time. The luxury electric car brand has established the Supercharger network as the world’s fastest charging points, delivering “up to 170 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes”. There aren’t many details on the new take on the charging station fees, with the company only adding that any new Tesla ordered ahead of January 1 will not be affected – but only if delivery is made before April. Tesla mentions it has 734 stations and 4605 individual chargers in the network, currently.