Tesla is speeding up its efforts to spur the demand for its electric cars in China by expanding its Supercharger network.

The electric car maker is counting on China to boost its global sales, especially considering the fact that the world’s largest market for new-passenger cars is expected to take the lead of the electric trend as well. Therefore, Tesla has been heavily investing into its charging network and it has just inaugurated its 100th Supercharger station in China, located in Beijing, while it has over 400 Superchargers across mainland China. The company also announced the official launch of the “Tesla Public Charging Partner Program” in the country, a similar one with its “Destination Charging” plan for wall plugs. However, the new idea is to offer to hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts the possibility of installing fast-charging Superchargers for its customers as well.

As the demand for green cars jumped last year by more than three times in China, the government aims to have five million alternative-fueled vehicles on the roads by the end of the decade, planning to support the push by developing a new charging standard, a move also backed by Tesla. Recent reports also suggest that the automaker has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with a Shanghai-based automaker to start building its own production facilities in the country.

Via Electrek


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