Tesla finds the European region “fragmented” image

The California-based US electric carmaker sees Europe as one of its crucial regions in the strive to reach a yearly production rate of 100, 000 units by the end of the year, which is three times higher than what it delivered in 2014.

The US automaker – which has been a sweetheart of US investors for many years – has utterly ambitious plans, considering that it activates in a niche segment: expand its line-up of models from just one – the luxurious and performance-driven – Model S sedan to three, introducing a crossover this year and an affordable mass-market electric vehicle in 2017. To support the strive, the company is upgrading its production facility in California and has started building a massive battery Gigafactory in Nevada.

When it comes to Europe, though, the company feels deterred by the market fragmentation – there is a huge difference of support among the various governments and their desire to promote and subsidy electric vehicles such as Tesla’s Model S. According to Jerome Guillen, the electric company’s global sales chief, in Europe they need to comply with numerous and different rules in each country – and Tesla needs to adapt accordingly its network in each case.

To accommodate the European expansion, Tesla started building up its network in countries were demand already existed, such as Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. Now they are further developing their infrastructure so people can try the car before buying it. The European growth is also supported by the increase in charging points for Tesla’s superchargers, with 70 stations already built around Europe.

Via Automotive News Europe