Tesla gears up for the impending sales offensive of the Model X crossover image

The early customers that reserved the Tesla Model X electric sport utility vehicle months or even years ago now have been prompted they can start choosing certain features – such as body paint, wheels and even the ludicrous “Ludicrous Mode”.

Starting the configuration process is always an early sign that production is ongoing and chief executive officer Elon Musk has announced that those who were the first to place an order for the Model X crossover would be allowed to start the individualization process “before the end of August” – with deliveries tipped for the end of next month. In an instant, the privately run Tesla Motors Club forum became overwhelmed with screen shots of eager Signature reservation customers sharing proudly their models. Tesla then officially confirmed that Signature holders can indeed choose features – such as one of nine body paints or the $10, 000 optional

“This is an important step for Tesla to show its not a one-trick show when it comes to developing a car from start to finish,” comments Ben Kallo, an analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co. “It will also be great for brand awareness to have two cars on the road. Good to see there will be a ski and bike rack hitch solution as well as sensors to allow the falcon wing doors to open in garages.”

The Model X Signature edition will use the 90 kilowatt-hour battery and will come with an EPA estimated range of 240 miles per charge. The Signature is a limited edition and has a base price of $132,000 before any federal or local incentives. The Model X will come standard with all-wheel drive and “falcon wing” rear doors that will have sensors for safe opening in any garage, free charges on Tesla’s expanding Supercharger network, rear hitch for bikes or skis and automatic emergency braking, among others.