While Tesla’s Model S P85D got occasional complaints, it managed to receive the highest rating ever. The S model not only managed to get a perfect score, but moreover, it succeeded by scoring 103 points on a 100-point scale, according to Consumer Reports (CR) magazine.

This model is the better version of a Tesla battery electric sedan, and has been appreciated in the tests, as it improved in terms of longer range and higher performance. Despite a warning published in May by the magazine that the car somehow became undriveable, it got a beautiful review in the end.

CR said in its report that “When the Model S P85D was evaluated at Consumer Reports’ test track in East Haddam, Connecticut, it initially earned a raw 103-point score in a system that by definition doesn’t go past 100. Consumer Reports had to make changes to its scoring methodology to account for the car’s exceptionally strong performance”.

The magazine added that that the model is the quickest car to be tested, despite Tesla claiming 3.1 seconds to launch from 0 to 60 mph, while the car scored a bit more – 3.5 seconds. The American carmaker has recently said that a new model S is being prepared, and this one will cut the launch time to 2.8 seconds.

Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing from the reviewing magazine said that: “The P85D represents a glimpse into the future of automotive technology in which cars will be more energy-efficient than ever, while still delivering a terrific blend of performance and practicality. The Tesla is a shining example of how higher fuel economy standards can be achieved without sacrificing performance.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that the P85D was until recently the longest-range version of the Tesla Model S, capable of 253 miles on a charge. The 300 mile barrier is expected to be surpassed by a new P90 model. Meanwhile, the Model S P85D was the first Tesla to offer in an all-wheel-drive version.

By Gabriela Florea


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