The California-based energy company, since Tesla is no longer only selling electric cars, but also renewable energy solutions – has its sole production factory in the city of Fremont.

And the authorities there seem to be well aware of the benefits of being green – since they had a measure in October 2016 state every new construction need to be wired accordingly in order to accommodate EV charging and now the city council also passed a new ordinance that mandates all new houses and apartment complexes to have solar panels. There are pre-requisite requirements for the solar cell array that vary for the size of the structure, and the ordinance even thought about details such as the maximum exposure or provision permits that allow the use of a wind turbine instead.

The measure isn’t law yet, though, because the state’s buildings standards and energy commissions also have to give their approval. Tesla is only going to benefit from this measure because it’s going into business with its new Solar Roof project by the end of the year. The idea is to integrate the solar array directly into the roofing tile – and prices aren’t very high, with the average of $21.85 per square foot. There are even different designs for the tiles – smooth, textured, and slate, while there’s also a lifetime warranty on the tiles and guaranteed power production for 30 years.



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