The California-based electric carmaker has moved to name its first woman on its board of directors – Juniper Networks Inc.’s Robyn Denholm.

The US electric carmaker has been publicly traded since 2010 and has managed to become the fastest growing startup in the automotive industry. So far this year, shares at Tesla have reached $248.93 in New York, up 65%. It now moves to prepare for the introduction of its second car – the Model X crossover.

According to a filling from the Palo Alto, California-based company, Denholm, currently serving as Juniper’s executive vice president and chief financial and operations officer, moves to become Tesla’s seventh board member.

She will head Tesla’s audit committee and serve on the compensation committee and another that deals with nominating and corporate governance – taking over the functions previously held by Brad Buss. He moves to become SolarCity Corp.’s chief financial officer, but also remains on Tesla’s board of directors. The other board members are Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive officer and chairman; Antonio Gracias; Kimbal Musk; Ira Ehrenpreis; and Steve Jurvetson.

The electric car company aims to reach 35,000 Model S sales this year, as it moves to expand to China and other global markets, with a goal to reach 100,000 units delivered by next year’s end.

Via Bloomberg



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