Tesla gets UK lawsuit over supercharger network image

The California-based electric automaker Tesla Motors has been taken to court in London, Great Britain, because of a clash that has to do with the company’s rollout of its electric Supercharger network.

The US carmaker has its own network of charging stations – dubbed Superchargers – that make up a great perk for customers because they’re free to use. But the automaker now has to resolve a dispute in London over allegations that it interfered with a rival’s own plan of establishing a vehicle recharging network at UK highway rest stops. Tesla was ordered recently by Judge Vivien Rose to search and provide documents about internal discussions and meetings with other companies over the firm’s plan of introducing its own network of chargers for the Tesla Model S electric cars. According to Ecotricity Group, Tesla held negotiations with other companies including Tesco after initiating talks. The lawsuit could reflect a rising clash between automakers and incoming charging network providers that might fight each other for a piece of the emerging market for electric cars and the needed infrastructure to support them.

Ecotricity claims that Tesla had access to its confidential information and wanted to persuade highway rest stop companies to sever existing agreements with them in order to gain the exclusive right to set up its own charging points last year, when it was on its way to introduce the right-hand drive model of the Model S. Tesla on the other hand counter-sued, accusing the renewable-energy supplier of trying to gain a dominant position as a supplier.

Via Automotive News Europe