Tesla Gigafactory 1 also used for motors and gearboxes image

Everybody even vaguely interested in electric cars has heard at least a little about Tesla’s Gigafactory – a battery plant commissioned in partnership with Japan’s Panasonic.

As it turns out, batteries aren’t the only products to come out of the giant location, with the Governor of Nevada recently tweeting the news that Tesla will also produce motors and gearboxes for their next car at the location. Of course it’s all related to the huge demand registered for the upcoming Model 3 – so no wonder the company is exploring the possibility of producing even more components at the Gigafactory – which upon completion might very well be the biggest production facility of the type.

Governor Sandoval made his announcement during the recent State of the State address, also having on point Tesla’s chief technical officer, J.B. Straubel. Sandoval commented “This new project will yield more than $350 million in additional capital investment and add 550 skilled jobs to Nevada’s new economy.” The governor also revealed the Gigafactory now has 1,000 Tesla employees and also 2,000 construction workers – and the company is very active at hiring new personnel. The plant currently makes battery cells and packages for the Tesla Energy products, as well as Model S and Model X powertrains – and will commence the pack assembly for the Model 3 during the second part of the year.

Via Governor Sandoval