Tesla had a third model at the Semi presentation – the pickup truck image

Everybody was taken by surprise, swept away via the on-site acceleration trials and mesmerized by the arrival of the second-generation Tesla Roadster, but it turns out the California-based automaker was holding another card up its sleeve.

Actually, next to the equally astonishing big rig – the Tesla Semi – Elon Musk was also quick to preview/tease the formally announced pickup truck model that should bridge the gap between the Semi and the passenger car model roster. And it’s no regular pickup truck, as it’s apparently one that’s capable of… carrying a pickup truck. Tesla’s big boss also revealed the workhorse is based on the development time spent on the Semi (it’s kind of obvious from this lonely sketch that sees the pickup truck downscale the Semi’s cab), but more so it can be legally driven with a regular driver’s license, though that’s also “kind of wrong.”

Tesla had a third model at the Semi presentation – the pickup truck 2

Actually, Musk teased the idea of shrinking down to size the Semi as early as September, when he launched the idea on his personal Twitter account – which is also one of the corporate tools for the public relations duties at Tesla, in our opinion. We’re not exactly sure yet if the company is indeed going to build a pickup truck – and if the model gets the green light it’s going to take some time before it gets apiece of the action pie of the pickup truck segment, a very hot commodity in the United States.