Tesla hires Renault-Nissan’s chief spokesperson image

Tesla Motors, the electric car maker that is betting its success on expansion to China, Europe and building a huge battery plant, has added a new ambassador – the former director of communications for Carlos Ghosn’s Renault-Nissan alliance.

Simon Sproule announced he would become the new ice president of communications and marketing for the Palo Alto, California-based automaker since April. The move sees not only a veteran on the job, with huge experience in PR and marketing, but also snatches an executive from the world’s biggest seller of battery operated vehicles.

“In many respects he’s got the perfect background,” said Joe Phillippi, principal of consulting firm AutoTrends Inc. in Andover, New Jersey. “He’s been on the tech side, he’s been on the international auto side and he works for a CEO with peripatetic qualities who runs more than one company.”

“It’s a shrewd hire,” John Casesa, senior managing director at Guggenheim Partners LLC in New York, said of Sproule. “He’s very experienced and will bring a lot of knowledge and credibility as an ambassador for Tesla.”

Sproule, 45, has spent more than 20 years at global entities like Nissan, Ford, Microsoft, had posts in the UK, US, France and Japan and understands very well the way a global auto company should work. His experience on the matter should be well put to use by its new CEO, Elon Musk – the billionaire entrepreneur that strives to take Tesla from startup position to global competitor in the car business.

Via Bloomberg