Tesla improves China sales in March image

According to JL Warren Capital, the Chinese registrations of Tesla Motors Model S luxury electric sedans have jumped 25 percent in March from the February result, showing the sales are finally improving in the world’s biggest auto market.

Tesla expanded its sales network to China last year and after the initial hype surrounding the green company’s vehicle, news came that registrations didn’t hit the forecasts – prompting all sorts of managerial changes in the country, including the departure of senior executives. Now, data showed by JL Warren reveals that Tesla’s Model S March total reached 326 units, compared to 260 cars the previous month. The research company also claimed Tesla upped the import numbers last month – 208 units after bringing just ten in January and 63 in February. According to the firm, there are now signs that the all-electric company has managed to put its mainland China inventory in order. It added that since April last year the company imported 5,042 Model S cars, with 70 percent of them licensed. Tesla has repeatedly restated its confidence in the long-term growth prospects on the Chinese market, where customers have been unwilling to adopt electric cars because of the high acquisition price and lack of recharging infrastructure.

Tesla has predicted it would reach global deliveries of 55,000 units for the current year, a 74 percent jump on the previous year level, but refrained from setting a forecast for China. The company first started official sales of its only car – the Model S – back in April last year and has recently unveiled its newest store and service center in Shanghai.

Via Bloomberg